Want this sweater.

>>>>>>> !! (You should check out this website, they sell nice things) <<<<<<<

made by Anne Leibovitz. She's a great photographer, Love her pics.

I want these shoes to be mine! purrrfect!

Shitty weather

It's raining for almost a week now and I really don't like it anymore, because I have to wear a warm jacket when I go outside, but all the jackets I have are very thin. Everyday I am going outside wearing a tiny jacket and a big shawl around my neck. I don't wear waterproof mascara, so today I came home with black droopy eyes, because my mascara was drained :(

Alas I cannot swim

This is an animation from the song 'Alas I cannot swim' by Laura Marling. Laura Marling is from England and she's only nineteen years old :O oh my goddie! She's so good and you should check out her other songs. The song 'alas I cannot swim' is soooooooo cute and I really like this animation. The maker of this animatian has got more animations (Kate Nash, Regina Spektor and Snow Patrol etc.) on her youtube profile. You should definitely check them out!

PARIS is burning

Soon I will be going to paris, because my boyfriend almost has got his license. I am Begging him to take me to Paris, because I want this soooo badly. I definitely want to go visit the Topshop and I think it's only a five hours drive away from my home, so why wouldn't he drive me to Paris? ... Paris also seems to be the most romantic city in the world! C: C: C:


Jacket/dress: H&M
Necklaces: Vintage shop, H&M


I love these pictures, because they remind me of the great/crazy/sunny summerdays. I really like christmas and new years eve, but I just can't wait for the summer.

Some of my favourites pics today.

+ The Sounds +

Yesterday I went to The SOUNDS! They were sooooo fab! Every song they played was good and she, ‘Maja Ivarsson’, was really awesome. She’s a real entertainer and really rock ‘n roll. She was very hyper and acted like a beast! She was drinking bear, smoking cigarettes from fans, did crazy faces and crazy, sexy dance moves to the ground and spitting on the floor like a real rock-chick. She also spitted bear in my face haha. The guitar player and the keys player were really good and they also rocked the stage off. The drummer was quite funny, because he looked like a pirate wraaagh. He was doing all these crazy faces while drumming and he had a big pirate like earring! At the end the synth-guy took my camera and he took some pictures on stage from the sounds and the public. That was really coooool and unique, but unfortunately the pictures became too light.

MFMB opened up for The Sounds. They are also from Sweden and their music sounds like indie-disco…they were pretty good. You’ll should check them on

Photos made by me